I 74 Timeline

On October 27, 2021 the Bi-State Regional Commission celebrated its 55th Anniversary by honoring its partners in the Interstate 74 Bridge Corridor project.  Speakers included members of the Interstate 74 project advisory team:

  • Jim Schnoebelen, the District 6 Engineer for the Iowa DOT,
  • Masood Ahmad, the District 2 and District 3 Engineer for Illinois DOT, 
  • Andy Wilson, the Program Delivery Team Leader for the Iowa Division of the Federal Highway Administration, and
  • George Ryan, the I-74 Project Corridor Manager with Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions. 

The Bi-State Regional Commission was formed in 1966 to respond to the need for transportation planning across state lines.  The mission of the Bi-State Regional Commission has remained the same since its inception, to provide direct technical service to member governments and to facilitate their joint efforts.   The Bi-State Regional Commission serves as a forum for cooperation, with a complex service area of two states, five counties, multiple municipalities and over 425,000 people. 

Bi-State’s cooperative processes have inspired others to model the Bi-State Region, with programs such the I-74 Corridor, the regional trail system, and the formation of the port statistical area.  “I am honored to be the Chair of the Bi-State Regional Commission as we celebrate 55 years of working together” stated Mayor Bob Gallagher, Chair of the Bi-State Regional Commission.”

The Interstate 74 project is the most significant public infrastructure project in the history of the Bi-State Region and it is nearing completion.  Gallagher also stated “The I-74 project was adopted as Bi-State’s top transportation priority in 1998 and remained our priority through many changes in leadership. This unity of vision helped make the project a success.”