June 22, 2016 – Scott County Representative Scott Tunnicliff from the Iowa Mississippi River Parkway Commission (MRPC) said that the MRPC was formed in 1938 by President Franklin Roosevelt to develop highways and amenities along the Great River Road and to promote tourism.  The Great River Road includes 3,500 miles of designated roads along the Mississippi and is the third most popular travel destination in the United States.

The mission of the MRPC is to improve the quality of life along the river and to promote tourism.  The MRPC works on a budget of $40,000 annually and is made up of mostly volunteer members from communities along the 341 miles of Great River Road along the Iowa border.  The MRPC is asking for help to promote the Great River Road and educate citizens about the amenities along the Mississippi River.  For more information, please visit www.iowadot.gov/iowasbyways/IAGRR-CMP.html.