May 28, 2014 – Denise Bulat, Executive Director, reviewed the draft FY 2015 Budget as recommended by the Finance and Personnel Committee.  She reported revenues for FY 2015 are projected to be down 0.3% from the current year, primarily due to changes in contracts.

Dues for Bi-State’s member governments are proposed to increase 2.0 %.  There has not been a dues increase for five years, and Bi-State’s available funds to provide non-grant work in the region has been decreasing.  Of member dues, 61.2% of dues go to match federal and state grant funding.

Continuation of the merit performance review program, with a projected average of 2.5%, is recommended along with a 1.5% across the board annual wage adjustment budgeted.  The average across the board wage adjustment over the last five year has been 0.8%.

The budget will lay on the table and be considered for approval at the June 25, 2014 Commission meeting.  Anyone with questions or comments about the budget, or to request a budget document, should call Denise Bulat at 309-793-6302 extension 140 or Donna Moritz at 309-793-6302 extension 128.