March 26, 2014 –Current Schedule:Concept drawing of new I-74 bridge. For more information, visit

Final Design Complete: 2014

Iowa Right of Way (ROW) and Demolition Complete: 2014

Bettendorf/Moline Central Business District Project Construction: 2015/16

Illinois ROW and Demolition: 2010-2016

Final Construction: 2018-2021*

*(Central Bridge Section from bluff to bluff to begin no later than calendar year 2017.)

Economic Effects:

·        $88+ million federal funding received

·        Potential for discretionary federal funds

·        Create/retain up to 1,137 construction jobs/643 induced jobs (may change with accelerated construction)

·        A total of 9 construction contracts are anticipated plus specialty contracts

Accelerated Construction/Innovative Delivery/Value Engineering:

·        Maintains costs and reduces traffic disruption

·        Construction period reduced from 8 to less than 4 years

·        Reconstructed I-74 Bridge will have increased protection for seismic occurrences and barge collisions

·        I-74 Bridge replacement is being engineered to last 75 to 100 years

Freight Effects:

·        Provides redundancy for I-80/280 Mississippi River Crossing 

·        Most reliable Mississippi River Crossing in the Iowa/Illinois, once complete

·        Full shoulders help improve travel reliability during traffic incidents

·        Part of the National Highway System and National Freight Network

Multi-Modal Aspects:

·        Includes multi-purpose trail for bicyclists and pedestrians

·        Provides direct access to the Quad Cities International Airport and Passenger Rail Station


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Concept drawing of new I-74 bridge. For more information, visit