March 26, 2014 – Mark D. Hunt, Project Manager, provided a brief update on the status of the 2014 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Progress Report.   Mr. Hunt began by noting that over the past seven-years, EDA funding had accounted for $8.7 million in federal investment across the Bi-State Region and $17 million when local match is included.  He noted that the CEDS process was a key component in making the region eligible for EDA funds.  The CEDS is updated annually and fully redeveloped every five years.  The strategy must be completed for the region to receive federal funds from the Economic Development Administration (EDA).  The EDA has partnered in funding several projects over the past years as shown below.

·        Bi-State Regional Commission/QC Chamber Innovation Hub Plan, $162k Federal

·        Henry-Rural Rock Island-Mercer County Economic Development Consortium (2012), $195k Federal

·        Rock Island Ridgewood Sustainable Business Park (2011), $1.5 mil. Federal

·        Davenport Rail Port at Eastern Iowa Industrial Center (2010), $5.1 mil. Federal

·        Mercer/Muscatine RLF (2010), $750K Federal

·        East Moline Economic Development Plan (2009), $50k Federal

·        Moline RiverTech (2007), $1 mil. Federal

The CEDS also serves as a unifying economic development strategy that broadly incorporates goals and projects from across the region.   Annual updates track the progress of these goals and projects.  Bi-State staff will bring a final draft of the 2014 CEDS Progress Report to the Commission in May for approval.  New for this year's CEDS will be a ramped up public input process, including public meetings and a web-based social media software called MindMixer.  MindMixer will allow citizens to discuss regional economic development topics at their convenience via computer, smart phone or tablet.  If MindMixer is successful, Bi-State staff may utilize it more fully in the 2016 CEDS update.

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